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About us

Our Story

One of the marvels of modern medicine is greater life expectancy. On average, Singaporeans are expected to live until 80, and for many, way beyond that. Yet the greatest irony of a longer life is that a larger part of it is spent with chronic disease, which can result in simple daily activities posing a challenge. We see the need to collectively build a more sustainable system of care for those, whose hard work has made Singapore the Nation it is today - our revered elderly. Precious Homes, as a vital part of this mission and duty, are built to provide well-equipped facilities, trained staff and the best possible care to not only enhance the physical wellbeing of our seniors, but to also encourage them to experience the joys of life, social connection and the spirit of community.

Our Vision

To deliver patient-centric care based on our core values of care, compassion and medical excellence.

Our Mission

To maintain and improve the quality of life for our residents by serving them with diligence and professionalism

Our Motto

To Share 
To Serve 
To Support

Our Founder

Dr. William Chong graduated National University of Singapore in 1985 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. He was awarded distinction in the fields of Operative Dentistry, Medicine and Oral Surgery, along with the Malaysian Dental Association Medal, the Singapore Dental Association President’s Medal, the University Bronze Medal and the Dental Society Silver Jubilee Award. He later obtained his Master of Dental Science from the National University of Singapore, with the field of research in Bone Regeneration and Dental Implants.

In 2002, he established Pacific Healthcare Holdings Ltd, an integrated specialist healthcare service provider. Wishing to make a meaningful contribution to society, Dr. Chong purpose-built two Nursing Homes, with the aim to offer the local community more comprehensive elder care approaches. Additionally, he established eleven Senior Activity Centres throughout Singapore to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the elderly to gather and engage in activities, enabling them to remain physically fit, mentally active and socially connected. Today, Dr. Chong continues to lead with passion and support the causes closest to his heart - the advancement of health, the enrichment of the lives of the elderly and education.

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